Oracle Virtualbox: Part 1

Laxfed Paulacy
1 min readJan 9, 2023

SSH into Virtualbox From…Another Virtualbox, bruh.

To ssh into a VirtualBox VM from another VirtualBox VM, you will need to set up network connectivity between the two VMs. Here are the steps you can follow to do this.

  1. With the machines powered down, select a VM and go to settings (you’ll repeat the steps for each VM you want to set this up for).
  2. Go to the Network section and select the Adapter 1 tab.
  3. Changed Attached to, to Bridged Adapter.
  4. Click Advance and cycle the MAC address a few times.
  5. Change Promiscuous Mode to Allow All.
  6. Click Ok, and repeat for your other VMs.

Once you’ve setup your VMs with Bridge Adapters, start them up and attempt to SSH into each.

Check-out Part 4 of the Linux Server Install on setting up SSH keys if you haven’t already.



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